Her name is Detective Ikawa, commonly known as Kari Detective (Deca). She boasts the number one clearance rate in a police station with her proud beauty and sexy technique. She is a woman who uses any hand, whether it's a shaburou or a straddle or a straddle, to arrest a criminal. Also today, in order to chase a suspect of a violent rape case and bring a formidable opponent to confess, Kari takes off his skin ......... In the interrogation room, he takes off not only his skin, but his pants, one-on-one and man-two. Persuade the suspect with a dick! Pheromone detective who takes raw chin firmly! It is Yui Ikawa who does not have erotic eyes to dress as such a detective! With the sex appeal of an adult, you will also vomit semen that wasn't even your dick in front of the screen! Uncensored work first appearance! Don't miss Karideka's brilliant brainplay and obscene nasty play!