Nozomi Makita, 26 years old, will be appearing for the second time. (Previous work: Luxury TV 1257) Despite worshiping enough in the previous work, it looks so beautiful that you can sigh. Well-organized features, slender style, and long, silky hair. You can see her sex again on Luxury TV ... As soon as I make an offer to re-appear, I will reply with consent

二度目の出演となる牧田希美さん26歳。(前作:ラグジュTV 1257)前作で十分拝んでいるにも関わらず、ため息が出るほど美しいルックス。整った顔立ち、スレンダーなスタイル、サラサラした長い髪。彼女のセックスがラグジュTVでまた見れるとは…。再出演のオファーを出すと、すぐさま承諾の返事