Finally, the circle with blue is also the 10th person. We will give you a special victory candidate for the memorial. It's a beautiful woman ... grinning. I couldn't touch it, I couldn't shoot a video, and I could just shoot it myself when I wasn't looking at it. You know your value well ... I also like smart kids ... Give your smartphone and take a selfie of your panties.ついに青との円も10人目となりました。記念にとっておきの優勝候補をお出しします。美人ですよ...ニヤニヤ。タッチもダメ、動画撮影もダメ、私の見ていないところで自分で撮るのがギリOKでした。自分の価値をよくわかってますねぇ...頭がいい子も好きですよ...スマホを渡し、パンティを自撮りでドアップ撮りし