Shame that almost overflows with virgin gals! 【miracle! 148cm x H Cup] x [Series NO.1 Unknown Splash] Bringing back one undeveloped Ubugal who has only one experienced person, contrary to the appearance of flashy pink hair ... the tide! tide! !! Tide ~? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Covered with tide What's this all the time! The person himself was surprised to see a small body and acrobatic tides! This project of her is going to a tavern at the end of the last train, talking to the girl who is still drinking, listening to the girl's worries and human patterns, and finally aiming to take it home.

 ほぼ処女ギャルの溢れる恥潮!【奇跡!148cm×Hカップ】×【シリーズNO.1未知数スプラッシュ】派手色ピンク髪の見た目とは裏腹に経験人数たった1人の未開発ウブギャルを持ち帰り…からの潮!潮!!潮~ッ??????潮まみれ「なにこれずっと出るぅう!」本人もビックリの大量噴射で小さなカラダを仰け反りアクロバティックにイキ潮連発!タガが外れて手マ この企画は終電終わりに居酒屋に行き、まだまだ飲んでいる女の子に声をかけ女の子の悩みや人間模様を聞き、最後はしれっとお持ち帰りを目指す企画